Club Alpbach Russia was founded in 2010 in Moscow.

Official name of the Club — Regional public organization of young scientists «Assistance in promoting ideas of the European Forum Alpbach» (rus. Региональная общественная организация молодых ученых «Содействие продвижению идей Европейского Форума Альпбах»). The organization is a member of the international organization «Forum Alpbach Network», which unites such clubs from 22 countries of the world.

The main goal of the club is the development of cooperation between Russia and foreign countries in science and art, especially among the youth.

The main activity of the club is organization of presentations, seminars and round tables pursuing scientific and educational goals and promoting international exchange.

Besides that, the club grants every year scholarships for participation in the Европейском Форуме Альпбах. Russian citizents up to 30 have a chance to become scholarship holders of the club, if they are students or recent graduates of higher education institutions of Russia. Deadline for applying — 1.April of every year.