Scholarship programme

For Russian citizens there are two possibilities to get a scholarship for the participation:

  1. From the European Forum Alpbach
  2. From Club Alpbach Russia

The scholarship programme is meant for students and recent graduates of higher education institutions. For applying (undependent on above-mentioned way) the following documents are needed:

  • Motivation letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of diploma + copy of supllement (for graduates), copy of record book (for students)
  • Copy of language certificate (English or German)
  • Other relevant certificates, which confirm your extra-curricular activities: voluntaries, awards, summer schools, conferences, internships.

Motivation letter is supposed to reflect why you are interested in problems of the European integration, what you expect from the events and what significance the participation will bring to you.

When applying directly to the Forum Alpbach motivation letter and CV must be written either in English or German. Other non-english and non-german documents must be translated. Notatization of translation is not needed. All the documents have to be sent by postal mail to the Forum address. In-depth information about the scholarship programme of the Forum is available on the Forum's web-page.

When applying to the Club Alpbach Russia motivation letter and CV must be written in English. Other documents are accepted in Russian, English or German language. Copies of education documents must be attested by the university or faculty. Scanned documents should be firstly sent via e-mail to, and then by postal mail to the address of the Club

Only Russian citizens up to 30 years old, who are students or graduates of Russian universities, can become scholarship holders of the Club Alpbach Russia.

Note that candidates can optionally apply for a scholarship in different ways. In this case all the documents have to be sent to all correspondent organizations.

Application deadline is common for all ways: 31.March.